Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Trends 2014 - Slow Motion Photo Booth

Photo booths at weddings have been a big hit for the last few years but the trend keeps evolving. Slow motion cameras are a new thing that is so much fun for guests as well as brides.
Slow motion photography from The Knot
 “We have a feeling this will be the next big thing in reception entertainment”, says the Huffington Post.

Huffington Post
Show off your sparkling jewels for a real eye catching video. Imagine the effects of sparkling diamond earrings as the light plays off the facets.

Simon G Gold Collection
Would you do the hair flip pose just to watch those dangling earrings dance in slow motion? Sure you would!
Simon G Shimmer Collection
 Create some great footage and long lasting memories of your unique wedding.

Coast Diamond Earrings
Simon G Diamonds

These last posts are a few of the recent wedding ideas from The Knot. Find your trend and have a one of a kind wedding experience!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Trends 2014 - Jeweled Necklines

Wedding trends like the woodland theme and bright accent colors are highlights of 2014. Jeweled necklines on wedding gowns are another popular trend according to The Knot. Sheer illusion bordered by rhinestones or crystals is the look.
Gowns with jeweled necklines from The Knot
Might we be so bold as to suggest an alternative twist on this idea? Envision yourself bejeweled in a stunning statement necklace!

Simon G Bridal

Natural necklines will sparkle with crystals, CZ's, or diamonds to complement your gown.

Forevermark Bubbles Necklace

A great benefit is you get to wear the necklace again on many occasions unlike a jeweled neckline wedding dress.

Forevermark Embrace Necklace

Your wedding photos will feature head shots so you may as well put your best face, and neckline, forward!   

Bridal Red Carpet Collection by Simon G
Next time, more on photos in the ever changing photo booth trend.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wedding Trends 2014 Bold Colors

   Bright colors are enjoying a comeback in some circles. From wedding invitations to centerpieces, brides are choosing accent colors that pop.
The Knot Wedding Bright Color Wedding
     A carefully chosen color highlighted throughout the wedding experience expresses your individuality and creates exciting eye candy. Speaking of sweets, how about that bright palette on your wedding cake?

Simon G
   Take the trend into your jewelry! Consider a gorgeous sapphire stone in an engagement ring that produces a deep rich color sought after by so many, including royalty.




     Paired with sapphire stud earrings against the backdrop of a pure white dress, it makes a stunning impression. 
For another engagement ring choice, pick a sparkling fancy yellow cushion cut diamond for that wow color.

Forevermark Fancy Yellow



     Choose your color pop and make it fun! 


      Next time, we’ll bring you the neckline trend.
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Trends 2014 - Woodland Weddings
Searching for some new trends in weddings? We found some great ideas at The Knot. We'll tell you about a few of them as they relate to jewelry. Today's focus is on woodland weddings.
Woodland weddings are all the rage according to the popular wedding authority, The Knot. 

They describe the trend as “rustic and natural with sophisticated, glam accents”.
Along with accents of branches and moss are found lace and dainty flowers. 

Martha Stewart Weddings

This romantic style can be echoed in your jewelry choices. 

Simon G

Simon G

Your engagement ring could be dainty and delicate, embellished with floral accents like these from Simon G.

Simon G

Lacy diamond drop earrings are a beautiful romantic touch. 

Is this style for you?
If you are an incurable romantic, consider this popular trend for your special day.

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